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Therapeutic Philosophy


When clients arrive at my studio, the session begins with a gratitude. They identify something that touched them during the past week – a gesture, a moment they remember, any small thing they recall, and share it aloud. This act of kindness towards themselves acknowledges that there is more to them than the problems we all share.

The opposite of depression is not necessarily happiness, but creativity and flexibility. Working with them during therapy underscores ability, strengths and the wisdom we hold. Making art during therapy has nothing to do with talent, but rather immersion in one thing at a time, using our hands. Therapy takes place by our dedication of time and space, commitment to the present moment, and playing with materials to find solutions for the challenges the creative process presents.

The studio in which I work offers a fertile ground for couples and individuals to explore and play with music, colors, movement, drama, and much more. Shadows are expressed onto material that contains and holds. Art psychotherapy lights our blind spots, helping us stretch muscles, grow, and transform. 





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