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Researcher Statement


As an artist-researcher, I maintain art-making as a mode of inquiry and a source of knowledge, and see hands-on artistic endeavors as the pillars of research practice and ethics. 

In 2016 I conducted an art-based pilot study that explored whether art and artmaking could be considered mediators for intimacy within personal expression. Based on the results of my pilot research, my dissertation explored whether the process of painting, together with witnessing and reflection on the process and imagery, furthers an understanding of intimacy. The research also examined the conditions that favor intimacy, the obstacles to intimacy, and the particular features of artistic media, processes, and reflection, through the editing of video footage, that can further the intimate experience. 

My current research projects include further exploration of intimacy in therapeutic practice, exploring the contribution of art-practices as research and learning skills in the academic setting, and video as artistic inquiry and research tool.                

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